Let The Professional

Organizer Streamline & Simplify Your Life..

Fed up with the clutter around your house? Planning to improve your home’s space functionality? I Love To Organize is a full- service, eco-friendly home and office organizing company, committed to provide organizing consultation & needs assessment. Based in Lafayette, CA, our aim is to offer simple perceptive solutions to complex organizing issues. We diagnose the issues, set goals and design a plan to help you get started. With long years of experience and expertise in this domain, we help diverse clientele in different situations get more organized, alleviating unnecessary stress.

At I Love To Organize, we help our clients in restoring & simplifying their lives by driving away the clutter and creating efficiency. We work with residential clients to eliminate clutter while on the other hand, we work with the commercial clients to enhance the productivity and create better balance. We offer one-on-one support or a team approach to get the job done quickly. With careful thought and attention to each client’s needs, we strive to provide personalized & practical solutions for better & simplified living.

Our solutions are customized as per our client’s needs and we guide our clients through every step of the organizing process so that their lives remain more organized. We have organized very diverse spaces ranging from closet to executive offices and beyond.

So, whatever your organizing needs be, your professional organizer will help you get your space back in order!

My Reason to Organize

I have found that an organized environment becomes more relaxing.

Individuals are usually calmer and happier.

Clutter Creates Stress

As we go through life, we accumulate stuff.

Some stuff we may never use again, but are emotionally attached to.

As time goes on, we need more and more room to store, file, and save our stuff.

Sometimes Less Is Better

"Keep the special items and eliminate the un-necessary clutter from your life".